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UPC: 300416666310

Oral-B Pulsar 40 Medium Battery Toothbrush

Package Details

Cleans Better Than The Leading Manual or Battery Brush

* Pivots
* Pulses
* Vibrating MicroPulse Bristles
* New! Oral-B Pulsar ~ A Clean You Can FeelT
* Removes as much plaque as floss

Flexible MicroPulseT Bristles:

* Pivot back and forth to penetrate deeper between teeth*
* Gently pulse to lift up food and plaque and stimulate gums
* Fully disposable ~ no need to change any parts

Includes 1 non-replaceable Duracell battery. Product is not designed to be opened.

Brush as you would with a manual brush.

*vs. leading manual brushes

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Made in USA

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