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Optive Sens Lubricant Eye Drps Presrvativ-Free 30 Single-Use Containrs

Optive Sens Lubricant Eye Drops Preservative-Free 30 Single-Use Containers
Advanced dual action formula that lubricates and hydrates dry eyes New! Single-Use Containers Moisturizing Dry Eye Solution 30 Sterile Single-Use Containers, 0.01 fl oz (0.4 ml) each Looking for an innovative dry eye solution? Optive? Sensitive Preservative-Free Lubricant Eye Drops advances Dry Eye relief by providing a dual-action formula that moisturizes the surface of your eye while also hydrating the areas where Dry Eye starts, giving your eyes long-lasting moisturizing protection. It's the evolution of eye drops, optimally formulated for the way you see the world - it's Optive?. Preservative-free formula for sensitive eyes.
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