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Nature Made Multi Prenatal, Tablets - 90 ea

High Folic Acid, Iron & Zinc
Complete Multi Vitamin/Mineral Supplement
For Pregnant & Lactating Women
No Artificial Colors or Flavors
No Preservatives
No Chemical Solvents, Yeast, or Gluten

Nature Made knows that pregnant and lactating women have special needs for the development of their child. Nature Made formulated Multi Prenatal with those needs in mind.

High Folic Acid content (100% of the Daily Value for pregnant and lactating women), which is important in the healthy development of the nervous system and fetus
Provides additional Iron needed to support a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby*
Provides additional Zinc for healthy fetal growth*

Nature Made Prenatal is a complete multivitamin with key vitamins and minerals necessary for the good health of pregnant and lactating women. This formula is rich in:Folic Acid- important in the healthy development of the nervous system and fetus. Adequate Folic Acid in healthful diets may reduce a women's risk of having a child with a brain or spinal cord birth defect.
Iron- essential to a healthy pregnancy and healthy baby- supporting energy and healthy development of the fetus.*
Zinc- for healthy fetal growth*
Vitamin D- important for bone health and the development of mother and fetus*

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration.
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90 Premium Tablets

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