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SKU: CD3540481
UPC: 093764600562

LifeSource UA-767PVS-1Step Auto Inflate Blood Presr Monitor-Small Cuff

Small Cuff 6.3" to 9.4"

LifeSource Advanced One Step

Blood Pressure Monitor

Displays Average Readings. Irregular Heartbeat Feature. Stores up to 30 Readings in Memory.

Clinically Validated for Accuracy

Monitor Features

Pressure Rating Indicator- Visually indicates user's blood pressure category from measurments taken (see details inside.)

Irregular Heartbeat Feature- Alerts user of presence of an irregular heartbeat and provides blood pressure and pulse rate measurements even if an irregular heartbeat occurs

Displays Average Readings- Calculates the average of the total readings stored in a memory a convenient way to get a snapshot of your measurements.

Choose the right cuff.
Using the correct size cuff is important for accurate reading. Measure the circumference of your upper arm at the midpoint between the shoulder and elbow. The LifeSource medium cuff can be used on either arm.

This box contains:
Monitor with 30 Memory Recall
Trilingual Instruction Manual - English, Francais, Espanol

Quick Start Card
Blood Pressure Logbook

Fast. Easy. Accurate.

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