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SKU: C3654381
UPC: 025715678566

Ezy Dose Tablet Cutter Safety-Shield - 1 each

Provides a clean-cut tablet without the danger of cutting fingers.

Colors May Vary. Safety-Shield protects against accidental finger cuts.

The unique design of this tablet cutter provides a clean-cut tablet without the danger of cutting fingers. When closed, a super sharp stainless steel blade cuts tablets exactly in half for easier swallowing. When the cutter is opened, the unique Safety-Shield moves into place to completely cover the sharp blade so fingers cannot come in contact with it. The innovative design also features flexible "wings" that hold even the largest tablet for an even cut. Convenient dispensing tray captures both tablet halves for easy retrieval.

Place tablet into "V" shaped holder. Close cover to split tablet. Remove cut half of tablet from dispensing tray. Close cover and store in closed position. Cleaning Instructions: Before using, and after each use, wash with hot water. Open tablet cutter to approximately a 30 degree angle. Flush tablet cutter with warm water to rinse. Stand the tablet cutter on end in a partially open position to air dry. Note: Enteric-coated tablets are intended to be swallowed whole and should never be cut before taking.

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