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VSL#3 High Potency Probiotic - 60 caps

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- VSL#3 High Potency Probiotic - 60 caps
- It is a high potency probiotics with the highest available concentration of beneficial live bacteria.
-Consists of 8 strains of live freeze-dried lactic acid bacteria.  
-Each 2 capsule serving contains 225 billion live probiotic bacteria  - VSL#3® is therapeutic probiotic medical food used for the dietary management   
  of Ulcerative Colitis, irritable bowel syndrome, and an ileal pouch. VSL#3® is intended
   to be used under medical supervision.  If you have a prescription for VSL#3® 112.5 
   capsules it can be filled at your local pharmacy.
- Made in Italy
- This Item is not returnable

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