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TriDerma Facial Redness Repair - 1.7 oz tube

Facial Redness Repair
Fast Healing for Sensitive Skin

This highly specialized non-greasy cream provides results like those from a Dermatologist. It contains professional strength anti-inflammatory ingredients, vitamins, carefully selected botanicals and proven healing essentials to quickly calm, balance and stabilize the skin.

Daily use helps heal blemishes and improve the appearance of skin prone to redness, sensitivity and Acne Rosacea on cheeks, nose, chin or forehead.

*Organic Algae extract to reduce redness and inflammation
*Essential botanicals to help prevent Rosacea flare-ups
*Vitamin K to help repair broken capillaries
*AP4 Genuine Virgin Aloe, a proprietary complex that naturally contains more than 200 healing properties to soothe irritated skin.
*Fragrance free

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