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Thick-It Regular Nectar Consistency, Water - 46 oz

Thick-It Regular Nectar Consistency, Coffee

Features and benefits:
- Thick-It aquaCareH2O beverages require no measuring or mixing, and are ready-to-drink.
- Just chill, open, serve and enjoy.
- Available in 8 oz and 46 oz re-sealable bottles can be enjoyed in home and on the go, making travel a breeze.

- Thick-It aquaCareH2O waters clear appearance and natural taste may improve intake and hydration status while reducing medical complications.

- Thick-It aquacareH2O beverages will not over-thicken over time and changes in temperature, ensuring loved one receives the recommended consistency every time.

- Unlike starch-based thickened beverages, thick-it aquacareH2O beverages may be heated, chilled and frozen without changing the viscosity.

Heat it:
- In a microwave safe mug, mix and heat with powdered tea, hot chocolate or coffee for an enjoyable hot beverage.
- It may also be mixed and warmed with powdered baby formula.

Chill it:
- Mix and chill with powdered tea, lemonade, milk or a variety of other powdered mixes for a refreshing beverage.
- Thick-It aquacareH2O water can also be easily mixed with powdered nutritional supplements, like laxatives and protein powders.

Freeze it: Freeze into ice cubes or popsicle trays for frozen treats.
Thick-It aquacareH2O beverages are the next generation of pre-thickened beverages for individuals with difficulty swallowing. These delicious thickened beverages are made from artesian mineral water. Calorie free, sugar free, and gluten free. kosher.

Thick-it aquacareH2O coffee regular and decaf:ƒ?›The only pre-thickened coffee on the market
- Made with premium roasted coffee
- Calorie free, carbohydrate free, sugar free
- Ready-to-drink; open, heat and serve; no mixing required
- Add powdered cream and sugar as desired
- Nectar and honey consistencies

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