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The Original thick-It regular Strength Instant Healthcare Food Thickener (284 g)

The Original Thick-It Regular Strength Instant Healthcare Food Thickener easily modifies liquids and pureed foods for people with swallowing disorders. Milani The Original Thick-It Regular Strength Instant Healthcare Food Thickener has revolutionized the way people think about food & dysphagia care since 1987. More than 15 million Americans are affected by dysphagia, and with the high number of our population growing older and living longer, this number is expected to increase. Doctors, Speech Language Pathologists and Registered Dietitians have come to recognize the value and quality Milani The Original Thick-It Regular Strength Instant Healthcare Food Thickener; food thickening products have to offer. Because of their trust in Milani's products, these healthcare professionals have recommended Milani's food thickening products to patients with swallowing problems for over 20 years.

- Thickens hot or cold, thin or thick liquids and pureed foods to desired nectar-like, honey-like or pudding-like consistencies
- Sets most foods & liquids within 30-60 seconds, dissolving instantly
- Does not change appearance or taste of food
- Gives the body caloric intake, nutrients & hydration needed for healthful living
- Will not over thicken and will not bind liquids
- Decreases the risk of aspiration
- Are kosher parve and gluten-free

Dysphagia & Swallowing Problems: Food Thickeners for Easier Eating
Recognizing the Signs of Dysphagia & Other Swallowing Problems
Dysphagia is a medical term used to describe swallowing problems. The term itself is derived from the Greek root ƒ??dysƒ?? meaning difficulty or disordered; and, ƒ??phagiaƒ?? meaning to eat. In order to better understand dysphagia, we have outlined the swallowing process, what causes dysphagia and the effects on the human body, and the importance of having the right food thickeners that allow for easier eating.

The Swallowing Process
The swallowing process seems relatively simple. On the contrary, getting food from the mouth to the stomach can use up to 40 pairs of muscles and 8 nerves. Once food or liquid is placed in the mouth, the tongue and saliva work together to prepare it to move to the stomach. Saliva not only moistens food, it also triggers the swallowing reflex which sends a message to the larynx (voicebox) to close so food doesnƒ??t travel down the trachea into the lungs. Typically, the pharynx opens, allowing food to travel through the esophagus into the stomach. People who have dysphagia and swallowing problems experience a disruption in the process.

What Causes Dysphagia & Swallowing Problems
Dysphagia and swallowing problems can come about at birth (cleft palate), can be developed with persons who have diseases of the central nervous system or as a result from stoke. Additionally, this condition can occur from various types of head, neck or esophageal cancer, from injuries sustained in an accident, or medications.

Dysphagia & Related Swallowing Problems
Anyone who thinks they may have dysphagia or is experiencing swallowing problems should consult their physician. If diagnosed by a physician, patients will often meet with a Speech Language Pathologist to examine the individualƒ??s swallowing process. From that point, treatment may include learning how to swallow in a new way. Moreover, individuals will need to learn how to prepare foods using food thickener for easier eating. Download our brochure (in English or Spanish) for more detailed information on dysphagia & swallowing problems. Milani offers food thickeners including Thick-It Original, Thick-It 2 Concentrated and, new to the market, Thick-It Purees, making meals simpler.

Precision Foods, Inc., a subsidiary of Muscatine Foods Corporation, specializes in developing, blending, and packaging dry food mix products, such as Thick-It Original, Extra Strength Thick-It 2, and Thick-It Purees, to our customersƒ?? exacting specification. In addition to our dry blending capabilities, PFI offers a diverse line of branded products for the food service and retail channels. Precision Foods is committed to providing quality products that perform reliably and offer superior value.

As the first commercial healthcare food thickener on the market, Thick-It products were created especially for patients with dysphagia. Since it's introduction, the Thick-It brand has gained popularity and has grown considerably over the years. Currently, it is the number one retail instant food thickener and is widely recommended by healthcare professionals, including Dietitians and Speech Language Pathologists.

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Thick-It Powder Regular Strength 36 oz