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Thermophore Automatic Moist Heat Pack Petite - 1 ea

Thermophore Petit is 4" x 17" Styled to treat neck or throat pain, TMJ disorder, sinus,headache or toothache.
The application of moist heat-fomentation-is a commonly prescribed therapy in medical practice today. The body responds to moist heat by dilating the blood vessels, increasing the blood flow to the area under treatment. This increased circulation speeds recovery by bringing in fresh blood cells and taking away the wastes which may hinder healing.
The Thermophore Hot Pack is more effective than other electric heating pads on the market because it delivers very intense moist heat. Moist heat is especially useful in treating pain caused by muscle spasms from strain and tension. The hot pack, and rest, will gradually relax the muscle in spasm, restoring its normal length and relieving pain.
The Thermophore Hot Pack produces moist heat automatically. Moisture is drawn from humidity in the air and retained in the outer flannel cover. The hot pack produces moisture for 20-30 minutes; after that time, the flannel begins to dry out and the unit should be set aside to regain moisture from the air. The body should be allowed to return to normal temperature and another treatment can be taken in 1-1/2 to 2 hours.

Best results are obtained by applying the Thermophore Hot Pack to the affected area for a maximum of 30 minutes.
Treatments should not last longer than 30 minutes unless prescribed by a physician.
The temperature of the hot pack is controlled by a momentary switch that can be turned off and on to maintain the highest temperature possible.
If needed, the pack may be applied several times a day at two-hour intervals.
Keep area warm after a treatment so that the muscles do not tighten from too-rapid cool down.

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