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SKU: C2985158
UPC: 707387509521

Tegaderm Transparent Dressing 2 38" x 2 3/4" - 20 ct

A thin, clear dressing with a gentle adhesive on one side, it is designed to be applied directly over clean skin or wounds, the dressing keeps out water, dirt and germs, yet lets skin breathe

Type: Frame style Dressings conform to the body and flex with skin for greater patient comfort
Length: 2 3/4 in
Width: 2 3/8 in

Transparent dressings allow easy monitoring of wounds without the need to remove the dressing
A breathable dressing, impermeable to liquids, bacteria and viruses
Picture-frame delivery - preferred by caregivers, secure adhesion, gentle to the skin, breathable film
Allows oxygen in and moisture vapor out, barrier to external contaminants and comprehensive clinical documentation

The hydrophilic nature of Tegaderm HP (holding power) film adhesive on the sacral shaped dressing makes it more adherent in moist conditions
Tegaderm film, with the "frame" delivery system, allows maximum versatility as it can be cut to any shape and size

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