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Tarsum Shampoo Gel - 8 oz

Superb for psoriasis, seborrheic dermatitis, and severe dandruff.

The only psoriasis shampoo designed to be applied full strength, directly to affected areas BEFORE bathing! When ready, simply add water, lather and immediately rinse. No more waiting in the shower with a headful of smelly lather!

Tarsum is the only therapeutic shampoo designed to be applied BEFORE bathing. Its special applicator tip allows you to put Tarsum directly on psoriasis plaques. You treat your scalp, not your hair!

Why is this better?
Every other therapeutic shampoo requires you to dilute the medication and stand around the shower with a headful of lather to receive treatment.

Applying Tarsum directly to the scalp before bathing allows you:
1. full strength, undiluted treatment exactly where you need it most
2 .better control over the amount of time you treat your scalp.

Tarsum maximizes treatment time and minimizes shower time

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