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SmartyPants Masters Complete Men 50+ Multivitamin Gummy 90 ct

It's no secret, our bodies change as we get older. Our metabolism can slow, appetite may change, and the digestive system may produce less of the necessary fluids to break down foods. Thats why SmartyPants has created gummy vitamins for adults over 50 that help address the nutrient missed by the average American diet. However, Masters Complete is more than a multivitamin; it's a premium, comprehensive dietary supplement delivering CoQ10, omega 3 fish oil, and 15 essential nutrients, including vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, zinc, vitamin D as D3, and vitamin K as K2 all in one. We achieve all that without harmful "junk" like artificial flavors or artificial sweeteners. Our premium products are non-GMO and delicious. That's why we are called "The Good Gummy!"

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