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Similac Special Care Premature Infant Formula - 8 x 2 oz

Similac Special Care Premature Infant Formula
A 24 Cal/fl oz iron-fortified feeding for growing, low-birth-weight infants and premature infants.

Has a unique blend of nucleotides to help support the developing immune system.
DHA and ARA, nutrients naturally found in breastmilk that are important for brain and eye development.
Lutein and DHA to support the developing eyes and brain.
Calcium and phosphorus at concentrations and ratio (1.8:1) that supports intrauterine accretion rates.

Approximately 2 mg iron/kg body weight per day, when fed at 120 Cal/kg body weight per day.
Mixes easily with other Similac Special Care formulas for a variety of high-caloric, nutrient-dense formulas helps eliminate potential for mixing errors.


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