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SKU: C3086634
UPC: 634188001018

Sharps Pro-Tec Container 1gal - 1 ea by Sharps Compliance Inc

Complete disposal system for simplified management of bio hazardous waste. Includes a sharps container, a government-approved return sharps mailbox box, a protective 3ml bag liner and a 4-part simplified tracking form. The cost of destruction and mailing, as well as confirmation of destruction, is included in the purchase price. Full sharps container is placed in the pre-paid postage return box and returned to Sharps treatment facility via the U.S. Postal Service. Upon receipt, Sharps documents the receipt, weight and destruction of each container and its contents of used syringes. Electronic proof of destruction is made available for your records. PRO-TEC durable containers. Red with translucent white cover.

Complete Disposal System For Used Needles, Syringes, And Other Small Quantity Medical Waste - Holds Approximately 95-100 3cc Syringes Or 210-230 1cc Syringes - System Includes One 1 Gallon PRO-TEC

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