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SKU: CD2724946
UPC: 999510085075

Sharps In-Room Sharpstar Lid 5qt Red - 1 ea

The IN-ROOM System with SHARPSTAR Lift Assisted Lid is available available only in Transparent Red.

- Ideal for pediatric, geriatric or high risk areas.
- Minimizes the potential for overfilling by stopping in the "FULL" position when it reaches maximum capacity.
- Built-in window for visual monitoring.
- Economical horizontal drop of disposables maximizes the use of container volume.
- Unique design limits accidental or intentional access to container contents in high-risk areas.
- Containers lock for final disposal.

Features and Benefits:
- Forced Horizontal Drop=Maximizes container capacity.
- Anti-kickback feature=Prevents sharps from exiting the container.
- Shuts off when full=Prevents overfilling.
- "FULL" sign=Signifies that container has reached capacity.
- Locking Tabs on top of lid=Hands are away from contents of container during final closure.

ƒ?›Molded Handles=Secure transport.

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