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SKU: CD4772505
UPC: 051141929774

Scotch Magic Greener Tape 0.75" x 600" - 1 roll

3/4 x 600 inch. 16.6 yd. Refillable dispenser. Made from over 75% recycled or plant-based (By weight, this product contains over 55% recycled plastic and over 20% plant-based materials based on: Dispenser and core made of 100% recycled plastic; Tape made from over 53% plant-based materials; Back-card made from 100% plant-based materials). Scotch Magic Greener Tape is more environmentally friendly version of the original matte-finish, invisible tape, with the same great performance. Great ideas that stick. Photo-safe determined in accordance with ISO standard 18916. Made in USA.

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