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Rezamid Acne Treatment Lotion 2oz

Premium quality acne treatment lotion within a cosmetic formulation that rapidly dries, heals, and conceals acne while preventing further breakouts with 5% sulfur and 2% resorcinol. Tint-adjustable to your skin tone with Color MatcherTM for subtle yet complete coverage.
Rapidly Dry, Heal, & Conceal Acne While Preventing Further Breakouts
Many acne patients struggle with the irritation and embarrassment that an acne problem can cause.
The process of healing and preventing acne can make it hard to feel confident in the condition of one's skin. Yet most make-up products trap dirt, oil and other pore-clogging irritants, making it hard for the skin to breathe, causing further irritation and breakouts. Although some make-up products are non- comedogenic, it is possible to cover pimples while simultaneously healing them.
Rezamid is a medicated cover-up that actually makes a difference by concealing and healing acne. Its premium cosmetic formulation gives a smooth, even appearance, avoiding the ?caked on? look of other tinted acne medications. With its

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