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SKU: CD4076139
UPC: 366715833020

Rephresh Clean Balance Kit

Rephresh Feminine Freshness Clean Balance Kit Two Part Kit
* Part 1 - Rephresh Pure 10 Purified Cleansing Solution.
* Part 2 - RepHresh Pre-Filled Vaginal Gel Applicator.
* No Added Scent.
* 3 Days of Freshness. It eliminates Odor.
* Cleans and Conditions By Maintaining Healthy Vaginal Ph and Eliminating Odor.
* The Two Step Difference Rephresh Clean Balance Is Unlike Any Other Feminine Cleansing Product. Here is to The 2 Step Difference.
* Safe, Effective Cleansing That is The Rephresh Pure-10 Promise. Ten Step Water Purification Process, Ten Steps to Pure Water
* 3 Days Eliminates Odor and Maintains Vaginal Ph 3 Days of Freshness--Your Odor-Free Fresh Clean Feeling Really Lasts.

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