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RCF Soy Formula Carbohydrate Free With Iron Liquid 12X13 oz

Ross Carbohydrate Free (RCF) Soy Formula Base with Iron For persons who are unable to tolerate the type or amount of carbohydrate in milk or infant formulas, or seizure disorders requiring a ketogenic diet.
- Ross Carbohydrate Free (RCF)Soy formula base with Iron.
- The only commercial formula available for seizure management in infants.
- Carbohydrate-free to allow physician to prescribe type and amount of carbohydrate (that can be tolerated) with the assurance that other nutrient needs will be met.
- Soy protein isolate to avoid symptoms of cow's-milk-protein allergy or sensitivity.
- 1.8 mg of iron (as ferrous sulfate) per 100 Cal if carbohydrate is added to make a 20 Cal/fl oz feeding.
- L-carnitine (3 mg/100 mL) and taurine (12 mg/100 mL) (Concentrated Liquid).

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