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Peptamen Junior Complete Elemental Nutrition for Child. w/ Prebio1 Vanila-8oz x24pk

Peptamen Junior Complete Elemental Nutrition for Children with Prebio1 Vanilla 24 Pack - 8 oz x 24 Pack
Artificial flavor. 250 Calories. Peptamen Junior with Prebio1 is a 100% whey, enzymatically hydrolyzed, complete elemental medical food for GI-compromised children ages 1-10. Supplies 3.6 g/lt of Prebio1, a unique blend of soluble fiber to help promote a healthy gut microflora. The customized lipid blend contains an MCT/LCT ratio of 60:40 to enhance absorption. Vanilla flavored for oral or tube feeding use. Meets or exceeds 100% of the NAS-NRC RDA for 18 key vitamins and minerals for children ages 7-10 in 1000 ml (4 cans). Osmolality is 550 mOsm/kg water. 1 kcal/ml. 30 g Protein/lt. Lactose and gluten free (not for individuals with galactosemia). Not for parenteral use. May be stored unopened at room temperature. For oral use, best served chilled. Do not freeze. Shake well before opening. Once opened, unused portions should be tightly covered, refrigerated, and used within 24 hours. Use as directed by a medical professional. ?? Nestle USA, Inc.
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