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SKU: CD3778099
UPC: 092437964338

PediFix Visco-gel Moleskin Protective Padding, 2 ct

?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Medical-grade silicone cushions, protects, relieves corns, calluses, bunions, blisters and more
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ 2mm thick with 4-way stretch, low friction anti-microbial top cover
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Self-adhesive: adheres to delicate skin, easily removed, washed and reapplied
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ More effective and durable than traditional moleskin
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Easily customized to fit anywhere on the body
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