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Oral-B Advantage Plus Toothbrush Regular 40 Medium ea

Gum massaging bristles.
The brand more dentists use themselves.
At Oral-Be we care for your oral health by developing innovative products that are trusted by dental professionals worldwide.
Gum Massaging Bristles:
Outer angled bristles gently massage and stimulate your gums and help clean along the gum line.
Indicator Bristles:
Blue Indicator bristles fade halfway so you know when to replace your brush.
Dentists recommend changing your brush every 3 months.
Clinical research provides that a new toothbrush can remove 30% more plaque than one 3 months old - J Clin Dent 2002; 13:119-124. Research with a flat trim toothbrush.
Control Grip:
Control Grip handle ensures complete control and comfort

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