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UPC: 073796699406

Omron Peak Flow Meter, Adult or Pediatric, Model PF 9940 - 1 ea

Home Use Peak Flow Meter
Adult or Pediatric
For Asthma Monitoring

Quickly Measures Respiratory Capacity
Assists In Early Detection Of Asthma Attack
Compact Design, Can Be Used Anywhere
For Individual Patient Use
Instructions Are Printed On The Meter
Your Peak Flow Zone Ranges And Emergency Medical Information Can Be Written On An Attached Label
Reusable Mouthpiece And Peak-Air Peak Flow Meter Are Easy To Clean
Accuracy Has Been Verified By An Independent Testing Laboratory To Meet NAEP Standards

Contains: 1-Peak Flow Meter, 1-Reusable Mouthpiece, 1-Instruction Manual with Peak Flow Diary
Toll Free Customer Care Service (USA) 1-800-634-4350 Or Visit:
Made in the USA

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