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Nutren Glytrol Complte Nutrition for Patients w/ Hyperglycemia (24 cans) Vanila-1case

Nutren Glytrol Complete Nutrition for Patients with Hyperglycemia (24 cans), Vanilla - 1 case
With Prebio1 Vanilla - Artificial Flavor 250 Calories Nutren Glytrol is a complete medical food that contains a unique carbohydrate blend with amylose starch and dietary fibers t help in the nutritional management of patients with hyperglycemia. Contains 18% protein, 40% carbohydrate, and 42% fat. High in MUFA. Supplies 10 g soluble (Prebio1) and 5.2g insoluble fiber/L. Prebio1 is a unique prebiotic blend of FOS and inulin designed to help promote a healthy gut microbiota. Pleasant vanilla flavor for oral or tube feeding use. Nestle flavor packets are available for flavoring options. meets or exceeds flavor packets are available for flavoring options. meet or exceeds 100% of the RDI for 21 key vitamins and minerals in 1400 mL (5.6 cans). Osmolality is 280 mOsm/kg Water 1 lcal/mL 45.2 g Protein/L Lactose* and Gluten Free *Not for individuals with galactosemia. Please refer to product label for most current ingredient, allergen and nutrition information.
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