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SKU: CD3550621
UPC: 363736247935

Nix Lice Premium Metal Two-Sided Comb - 1 each

Removing Head Lice and Nits (empty eggshells)
(To effectively stop head lice infestation, all eggs and nits must be removed.)

Nix Creme Rinse kills head lice but does not remove the nits (eggs); Combing is the only way to effectively remove the eggs and nits. The two-sided metal Nix comb simplifies this process. After washing hair and then treating head with Nix Creme Rinse, use the wide-tooth side of comb to work through thick hair, tight curls, snarls and tangles. Use the smaller-tooth side of the comb on damp, clean and tangle-free hair and begin the comb-out to remove eggs, starting from the roots.

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