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Nicorette Stop Smoking Aid Coated Gum 4mg Fresh Mint - 100 ea

Nicorette Stop Smoking Aid Coated Gum 4mg Fresh Mint - 100 ea

4 mg for those who smoke 25 or more cigarettes a day

Nicorette Gum is an effective and easily portable solution for craving relief. Nicotine gum is chewing gum specially formulated with nicotine to help you kick your smoking habit one craving at a time. Great tasting and easy-to-chew, Nicorette Gum can double your chances of quitting smoking. Nicorette Gum is a Stop Smoking Aid. Nicorette Gum helps provide effective relief for cravings associated with quitting smoking by delivering a controlled amount of nicotine to your system. This therapeutic nicotine is delivered slowly, in small amounts, to help soothe your nicotine cravings. As you use the Nicorette program as directed, your body gradually adjusts to getting less nicotine over time, until you no longer need any at all. By helping to relieve nicotine cravings, Nicorette helps you better manage the triggers that link cigarettes to so many of your daily activities.
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