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UPC: 051131669901

Nexcare Bandages Waterproof Tattoo Cool Collection - 20 ct

Kids love the bright, cheery Smiley graphics of our Nexcare Waterproof Tattoo Bandages Cool Collection, while parents love the performance. The diamond shape seals all the way around the pad to seal out water, dirt and germs that may lead to infection. This childrenƒ??s bandage (for kids of all ages!)is built to be strong, staying on during active play, hand washing, swimming and other water sports. Nexcare Waterproof Tattoo decorated bandages are perfect for treating minor wounds such as cuts, scrapes and blisters.

Size 20 at 1-1/16" x 2-1/4"

- Superior protection against water, dirt and germs
- Clear, breathable material
- Ultra-thin and comfortable to wear
- Fun designs
- Same benefits as standard Waterproof Bandages
- Unique shape designed for better seal around the pad
- Seals out water, dirt and germs
- Easy, one-hand application

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