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NeedleBay NBC2 Colours 2 Diabetes Medication System - 1 ea

NeedleBay NBC2 Colours 2 Diabetes Medication System - 1 ea
With NeedleBay you can simplify your daily routine by preparing your needles and medication up to 7 days in advance with daily Needlebay modules. A stylish case provides convenient storage for up to seven modules. Each module provides storage for two needles and tablets or four needles. Utilizing NeedleBays innovative ClickLok technology the needles are securely held within the NeedleBay module with a simple click. Once loaded the NeedleBay daily module is easily picked up with your injection pen to provide your daily diabetes medication. At the end of the day the NeedleBay module is simply returned to the storage case. At the end of seven days all the needles are emptied from the NeedleBay modules and safely disposed of. The sequence is then repeated. "No Hands" with the needles securely held in the NeedleBay modules there is no need to touch the needles and risk finger prick accidents or sometimes referred to as needle stick injuries when attaching or removing from an injection pen. To attach a needle simply open the lid of the needle compartment of an unused needle and peel off the protective seal on the needle. Whilst holding the ergonomically designed module in one hand, offer the pen up to the needle with the other hand, screw in and remove. For the quite often more challenging task of removing the used needle from the pen, simply offer the needle back into its container while holding the NeedleBay module, unscrew and remove. Needlebay is excellent for children or those with dexterity issues. Having a new needle for each injection to avoid contamination and potentially serious infection is one challenge but then what to do with the used needle. NeedleBay provides safe storage of both unused and unused needles. This promotes the single use of needles and also allows for the safe disposal of used needles when a sharps bin is conveniently to hand.
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