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NeedleBay NB2 2 Diabetes Medication System - 1 ea

NeedleBay NB2 2 Diabetes Medication System - 1 ea
Similar conceptually to a daily pill dispenser, the NeedleBay System Classic 2 Diabetes Medication System allows the user to easily and safely store, transport, use and dispose of the insulin pen needles. NeedleBay is the secure tool for setting up your day for safe, secure insulin pen use and disposal. The pen needle compartment of NeedleBay carries two pen needles secured inside, each with a see-through "snap tight" cover. This allows the user to attach, use and detach the insulin pen to the pen needle one at a time easily, safely and securely. NeedleBay is ideal for all insulin pen needle users, but especially helpful in the event of visual impairment, hand tremors, etc. In addition, since the used pen needles remain fixed and enclosed in the NeedleBay compartment throughout the day, the module provides visual "proof of use".
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