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Nature Bright Sun Touch Plus Light and Ion Therapy - 1 ea

Light and Ion Therapy Model F4040
Two Highly Effective Treatments for SAD in One Attractive Product
Experience the Healing Power of 10,000 LUX Light and Negative Ion Therapy
Sun touch Plus lamp emits light of an optimal wavelength to stimulate imperceptibly our body's receptors. While the light emitted by these lamps is clear and pleasing to the human eyes, its special blue light frequently energizes and tackles:Winter SAD
Low mood
Sleep problems
Let Jet lag

Sun Touch Plus helps Individuals with:Winter SAD ~ 1 in 20 adults experiences recurring depression n winter. About 3 in 5 who use light therapy get better - usually in as little as a few days.
Sleep Problems ~ 1 in 4 adults worldwide reports trouble with sleep, caused by a mismatch between our body clock and the world's clock. Adjust your body clock with light treatments and sleep peacefully
Low Mood ~ Light and Ion therapy can reset your body clock and uplift low moods, which are often a cause and consequences of disturbed internal rhythms.
Jet Lag ~ Light therapy can help adjust your body clock painlessly before or after you cross multiple time zones in as few as two days.

Powered by Sky Effect Technology
Sky Effect Technology helps treat all kinds of mood and biological rhythm disturbances by applying a new scientific discovery on the human eye's receptivity to special frequencies of blue light.
Recently, researchers made a breakthrough discovery. They found a previously undetected receptor in the eye that receives input from blue light. As this receptor takes in the frequency of blue light, it sends a signal to the hypothalamus, that part of the human brain that adjusts our inner body clock of Circadian Rhythm. Input from this receptor stimulates healthy sleep, relaxation, and hormone production, improving health, alertness, and sense of well being.
Sun Touch Plus incorporates NatureBright's patent-pending Sky Effect technology to promote full-system health using gentle, natural, and effective light therapy
High quality bilingual packaging clearly describes features and benefits in English and French
Features:10,000 LUX light emission for safe gentle home light therapy
Streaming negative ion emission for air purification and subtle energizing
Timed light therapy session capability
Stylish designed for home or office use

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