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SKU: CD4562401
UPC: 047469063306

Natrol Mineral Supplement 250 Mg tabs, Cranberry, 120 Count

Fast dissolve urinary tract and immune health support with natrol cranberry. With fast dissolve technology dissolves 30 times faster than tablets. Natrol cranberry fast dissolve has delicious cranberry flavor. Natrol cranberry has shown in clinical trials to help maintain a healthy urinary tract by promoting an environment supportive to bladder and urethra health. Natrol cranberry is made from 100% cranberry fruit solids, without the use of any solvents, preservatives, sugars, water, flavorings or color. Natrol cranberry supports a healthy urinary tract. Natrol cranberry uses the patented bioshield technology that protects the cranberry from destruction by gastric acid, delivering the nutrients to the lower gastrointestinal tract where they can be absorbed through a time-released mechanism. Natrol cranberry has 3 times greater antioxidant activity than cranberry juice and 25% more fiber. Great flavor. Dissolves 30 times faster than tablets. No water necessary.

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