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SKU: C4061727
UPC: 080196753706

Medline Remedy Nutrashield with Silicone Blends - 4 oz.

Remedy Nutrashield provides an effective, long-lasting moisture barrier against incontinent episodes while relieving dryness, abrasion or denuded skin. An advanced silicone system allows Nutrashield to last up to five washings, yet it remains semi-permeable and non-occlusive. This versatility is unique to silicones and not obtained by petrolatum-based barriers.
Remedy Nutrashield protects against e-TEWL by sealing in the moisture and creating a more favorable environment for healthy skin. Ideal for patients with very dry skin. Similar to Remedy Skin Repair Cream, Nutrashield is CHG and latex-friendly.
Clinically Tested To Be:
- CHG Compatible
- Latex-Friendly
- Non-Cytotoxic
- Non-Sensitizing
- Non-Allergenic
- Non-Irritating
- Dermatologist Tested

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