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SKU: CD4300661
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Medline Maxorb Extra Ag silver alginate Wound Dressing 1" x 12"-5ct

Medline Maxorb Extra Aginate Wound Dressing with Silver Rope 1" x 12" - 5 ct
Medline Dressing, Rope, 12", Maxorb Extra Ag Medline Maxorb Extra Ag Silver Alginate: Maxorb Extra Ag is a highly absorbent, non woven pad composed of a high G (guluronic acid) calcium alginate, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) and ionic silver. Exposure to wound exudate dissolves the silver and stimulates the release of silver ions. As more fluid is absorbed over time, more silver ions are released, creating a controlled-release antimicrobial effect. The silver ions protect from a broad spectrum of microorganisms, including MRSA and VRE. Plus Maxorb Extra Ag releases silver extremely small amounts that do not damage healthy tissue. Maxorb Extra Ag is biocompatible, non-irritating, non-sensitizing and will not harm new granulation tissue.
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