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MedActive Oral Relief Spray for Dry Mouth & Discmfrt Naturl Spring 1oz

MedActive Oral Relief Spray for Dry Mouth & Discomfort Natural Spring 1 oz
Patient-Friendly Natural Spring Flavored Spray For Dry Mouth & Discomfort With ULTRAMULSION & Spilanthes Extract Sugar-Free & Gluten-Free MedActive Oral Relief Spray Provides Long-Lasting Relief of Oral Discomfort from:Gum Pain / Inflammation Burning / Cracked Tongue Dry Mouth / Low Saliva Mucosal Soft Tissue Dryness Bleeding Gums Oral Sores / Lesions Managing oral dryness and discomfort, caused by chronic illness, therapy and medications, requires repetitive applications of formulations which helps moisten and lubricate the entire mouth continuously, day and night. MedActive Oral Relief Sprays, Gels & Lozenges are designed to be used as a continuous self-care regimen which provides "around-the-clock" relief of oral discomfort, as needed. This regimen is safe and effective, having no reported adverse side effects and no known contraindications, but it is prudent to consult with your medical doctor and / or dental professional before use. Contains a patented and proprietary formulation of ULTRAMULSION and natural Spilanthes Extract, which helps soothe and moisten the entire mouth by providing long-lasting lubrication and immediate relief of oral dryness and discomfort. MedActive Patient-Friendly Hedonics helps ensure that all MedActive Brands deliver a pleasing taste and "mouthfeel" with every application. MedActive Manufacturing Seal of Excellence ~ Commitment to the Highest Standards ULTRAMULSION is a patented melt emulsion of dimethicone and poloxamer 407. US Patents 5,651,959, 5,711,936 Other Patents Pending 1-866-887-4867 Proudly Made in the U.S.A.
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