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L'Oreal Superior Prefrnce Fade-Defying Hair Color & Shine Systm Goldn Blonde (Warmr)-1ea

L'Oreal Superior Preference Fade-Defying Hair Color & Shine System Golden Blonde (Warmer) - 1 ea
Creates a rich long-lasting color spectrum with luminosity, shine and beautiful gray coverage. Conditioner helps lock in first day color vibrancy and keeps hair silky and resilient week after week. From roots to ends, color won't fade out, turn dull or brassy. Pro-Precise applicator features extended tip designed to part hair and reach roots quickly, precisely, easily. 8G is a shimmering, sunny blonde shade with gold tones, which will enhance warmth in your hair. For optimal color results, use on light blonde to light brown hair. If you hesitate between two preference shades, choose the lightest one. On more than 50% gray, your results will be slightly lighter-looking. On red hair, your color results will be coppery blonde. For best results, stay within 2 shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. Level 3, Permanent Contains: No-Mess Fade-Defying Color Gel Color Cr?¦me in Applicator Care Supr?¦me Multi-Dose Conditioner Superior Colorist Gloves Insert Store between 50?øF and 80?øF ?? 2009 L'Or??al USA, Inc.
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