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SKU: CD2712677
UPC: 071249237045

L'Oreal Kids Extra Gentle 2In1 Burst of Watermelon Shampoo 9oz

Improved! No tears! No knots! More conditioning! Thick or curly or wavy. L'Oreal Kids is so gently, it's tear free. Ophthalmologist tested. L'Oreal Kids is so conditioning & detangling! New & improved extra-gentle conditioners have been added to smooth hair and provide extra detangling. These new conditioners leave hair soft and manageable and help stop flyaways, even if you shampoo at night. No knots can resist the 2-in-1 formula of L'Oreal Kids. L'Oreal Kids smells so good. L'Oreal Kids special Watermelon thick and curly shampoo smells great alone or with the fruity fragrances of conditioner and tangle tamer. L'Oreal Kids is safe to use. With its soft bottle, it's easy to hold.

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