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L'Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Col Permnt Ruby Fusion 66-1 ea

66 Warmer - Very Rich Auburn
Ruby Fusion is a warmer shade that boosts auburn tones. To minimize auburn or red/orange tones, choose a cooler shade. To enhance your hair's natural tones, select a natural shade.
Feria is for all skintones and hairtypes. Colour shown may be achieved on medium blonde to dark brown natural hair colour. Darker hair will have darker results; red hair, redder results. On lighter, relaxed, bleached, permed or highlighted hair, results will be very intense. Not recommended on predominantly gray hair.

What you see is the shimmer. Every colour clean and undiluted. Clarified. Intensified.
Absolutely free of flat, matte tones. Shimmering colour with 3X highlights that's more multi-faceted than ever before.
No appointment necessary. Wear Feria. The new language of colour.

This luxurious Feria collection includes:Shimmering Colour Permanent Haircolour Gel

Gentle, deep conditioning permanent haircolour gel.
Non-drip pure, prismatic colour
Enough for longer hair

Shimmering Colour Developing Creme in applicator

Professional applicator tip

Aromatic Aura

Cool aromatic scent for a soothing sensation

Shimmer Enhancing Conditioner

Mega-dose of anti-dull Shimmer Enhancing Conditioner for reds.

Colourist gloves

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