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SKU: CD4310496
UPC: 312547428347

Listerine Zero Mouthwash, Clean Mint, 50.7 oz (1.5 L)

?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Less intense Clean Mint flavor and unique alcohol-free formula
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ No other alcohol-free mouthwash has been proven more effective at killing bad breath germs
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ Contains signature 4 Essential Oils found in Listerine Antiseptic for bad breath protection
?ÿ?ÿƒ?›?ÿ From the #1 Dentist recommended Otc Mouthwash Brand
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