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SKU: C4093761
UPC: 312547708951

Listerine Original Antiseptic Travel Size Liquid - 24 x 3.2 oz

* Keeps teeth cleaner & brighter.
* Kills germs for 12 hr plaque protection.
* Fights plaque & gingivitis.
* Enhanced breath protection.
* Controls tartar that can discolor teeth.
* Clinically proven.
* Kills germs by millions on contact.
* Advanced Listerine Antiseptic Has the Benefits of Original Listerine Antiseptic Plus:
o Controls tartar.
o Keeps teeth cleaner and brighter.
o Provides enhanced breath protection.
* All the benefits of Tartar Control Listerine Antiseptic with an Arctic Mint taste.
* Helps prevent and reduce:
o plaque
o gingivitis

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