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SKU: C1152701
UPC: 011086028017

Liquimat Medium Acne-Fighting Makeup with Color Matcher - 1.5 oz.

Elegant, medicated, acne-fighting makeup. Replaces typical makeups that do nothing to help and may actually cause acne! Treats acne with 4% sulfur. Water-based, oil-free formulation is tint-adjustable with Color Matcher for a subtle cover up.

Liquimat is the medicated makeup that makes a difference. Most makeups do nothing for your skin ? and some may actually cause acne. Liquimat is a tint-adjustable, medicated cover up that keeps you looking good and fights acne at the same time.

Liquimat comes with Color Matcher, a concentrated, liquid tint especially created to match your individual skin tone. Add a few drops of Color Matcher to Liquimat to create a slightly darker shade. Add several more drops to bring the shade all the way to dark olive

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