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SKU: C4566204
UPC: 062200003489

LiceMD Lice and Egg Removal Kit Odorless - 1 ea

Intended to eliminate lice, eggs and nits from head and body hair.
Pesticide Free Breakthrough!
- Includes lice comb (The Lice MD comb is proven 100% effective in egg removal in laboratory testing)
- Liquid gel - 4 oz
- Non-Toxic, Safe & Odorless
- Helps Prevent Re-Infestation

Take control of Lice Outbreaks with LiceMD
- Effective - LiceMD is a patented medical breakthrough solution in the treatment of lice, eggs and nits. It is pediatrician tested and clinically proven effective
- Safe - Pesticide free, non-toxic, free of dyes and perfumes, and harsh chemicals. LiceMD is hypoallergenic and safe for all household members. Can be reapplied as needed.
- Simple - LiceMD is formulated for use in even the longest and thickest hair. A simple, one-application process eliminates lice, and facilitates easier comb-out of lice, eggs and nits from the hair. No additional rinse agents are needed. Hair is left super-conditioned, not ravaged by harsh chemicals.
- Peace of Mind - With LiceMD, you take control of the lice outbreak, effectively, safely, simply, restoring your household to its normal balance

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