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SKU: CD5350780
UPC: 735303810024

La Bella Max Hold Styling Gel Moisturizing Avocado Oil 22 oz

Tame your frizzy fly-aways and leave your locks healthier than ever! La Bella Max Hold Hair Styling Gel is scientifically formulated with avocado oil and keratin amino acids to enhance volume, giving your hair greater definition, bounce and shine. Avocado Oil is packed full of beneficial fatty acids and vitamins. It conditions hair, restores shine and adds strength & softness. Keratin Amino Acids revitalize natural protective layers, rebuild strength and reduce breakage by returning hairs elasticity. Rich in cysteine, this protein reduces hair damage from chemicals while giving next-level strength and protection. Make styling a breeze and enjoy the beautiful benefits of this maximum hold styling gel. La Bella's nourishing formula strengthens your locks while giving your hair the flexible hold you desire!

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