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Hydrophor Ointment 100gm

Hydrophor Ointment
Severely Dry Skin Treatment
Restores Smooth, Healthy Skin
Hydrophor Ointment provides effective, long-lasting relief for severely dry skin. Hydrophor is a superior choice because it works by creating a protective barrier that conditions skin as it prevents moisture loss. It protects and helps heal dry, cracked skin to keep it smooth and healthy.
Hydrophor Ointment has no fragrances or preservatives that can irritate skin, and it is dermatologist recommended for all the following uses:
* severely dry, cracked or chafed skin
* minor scrapes and burns
* dry skin associated with atopic dermatitis
* sensitive skin
* diaper rash
Hydrophor Ointment from Eucerin
Hydrophor provides a superior base for compounding smooth stable emulsions. It is highly miscible with aqueous solutions and oil-based substances.

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