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Gynovite Plus Tablet 180ct

Gynovite? Plus is a complete nutritional supplement formulated for postmenopausal complaints. This supplement emphasized magnesium over calcium.
Based on a review of the published literature, the information available does not support an important role of calcium in osteoporosis. In laboratory animals studied, calcium deficiency caosteo-malacia (soft bone), not osteoporosis (porous bone). However magnesium deficiency resulted in osteoporosis(1).
Countries with the highest consumption of calcium had the highest incidence of hip fracture. The lowest hip fracture rates in post menopausal women were observed in countries with daily calcium intake as low as 400-500 mg(1). Several other nutrients play an important role in bone integrity and these nutrients are in Gynovite. An increase in bone density was observed in 19 post-menopausal women following supplementation with Gynovite(1). Compared to a 0.7% increase in 7 women not on Gynovite, a increase of 11% was observed in the 19 women followed for the same period of time less than one year.
Repeated bone density measure following 2 years on Gynovite showed a further increase in bone density(1). Fifteen of the 19 women were below fracture threshold at the beginning of the study. Within one year only 7 of them still had values below that threshold(2). For best results, Gynovite should be used as part of a total dietary program.

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