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Glucerna 1.5 Cal Liquid 24x8oz

Glucerna 1.5 Cal, a calorically-dense formula with a unique carbohydrate blend for enhanced glycemic control, has joined our family of nutritional products. Glucerna 1.5 is available in 8-fl oz cans and 1 Liter Ready-to Hang bottles. Glucerna 1.5 is specifically for:

* Patients with diabetes or abnormal glucose tolerance resulting from metabolic stress, such as illness, trauma, and infection
* Tube feeding or oral use. Appropriate for supplemental or sole-source nutrition

Some of the product's features and benefits include:

* A unique slowly digested carbohydrate blend clinically shown to blunt postprandial glycemic response and provide better glucose stability than a standard 1.2 Cal/mL formula, and thus improve blood glucose control.1,2
* 1.5 Cal/mL to meet caloric needs with less volume
* 22% of calories from protein to promote anabolism and support wound healing
* Macronutrient distribution: 45% fat, 22% protein, and 33% carbohydrate
* Includes 10 g/L of NutraFlora scFOS (2.4 g/8 fl.oz)
* 1500 Cal provides at least 100% of the RDIs for 24 key vitamins and minerals
* Gluten- and lactose-free
* Supplemented with conditionally essential nutrients carnitine and taurine

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