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Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion - 3.4 oz

Gloves In A Bottle Shielding Lotion 3.4oz/100ml Tube - Unparalleled Relief for Dry, Cracked & Irritated Skin.?ÿ
Gloves In A Bottle is a Shielding Lotion that bonds with the outer layer of skin cells, enhancing the skin's ability to retain natural oils and moisture while protecting from irritants, harsh soaps, and common household and cosmetic products which strip moisture out. Conventional lotions merely mask dry skin symptoms with ingredients that 'moisturize' artificially.
Have you ever started using a moisturizer for dry skin only to find that when you stopped using it, your skin was drier than before?
Only natural moisture and oils below the outer layer of skin can resolve a dry skin condition. Shielding Lotions are a more natural solution because they help restore the protective qualities of the outer layer of skin and retain natural oils, lipids, and moisture which resolve dry skin conditions from within.
Relief from psoriasis & eczema
Heals dry or cracked skin.
Protects from sanitizers; soaps & cleaning products.
Prevents skin allergies & irritations
Effective on feet; Diabetic friendly
Does not wash off; naturally exfoliates.


Made in US

Wash hands/skin; dry; apply small amount; work in well and allow to dry completely. Reapply every 4 hours or each time you wash your hands for continued protection.?ÿ

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