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Geritrex Lan-O-Soothe Lotion - 2oz

New Lan-O-Soothe?›??› is a natural nipple conditioning cream for breastfeeding mothers. It is specially formulated to help relieve the pain from sore or cracked nipples. Highly recommended by the medical community, Lan-O-Soothe?›??s?›??› key lanolin ingredient is an all-natural moisturizing agent that closely resembles human sebum. It penetrates below the surface to help keep the delicate nipple skin conditioned and protected. Lan-O-Soothe?›??› is free of fragrances and preservatives and contains only medical-grade lanolin and purified water, thus making the product gentle and irritant-free. It is also deemed safe to use before and after breastfeeding sessions.

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