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UPC: 050000799916

Gerber Good Start Infant Formula Gentle, For 0-12 Months- 24 x 8.45 oz

Birth+. Easy open. Ready to use. Ready to feed. Do not add water. For complete nutrition & easy digestion. Nutriprotect: complete nutrition to support healthy growth. Easy open! No mixing! No mess! Unique comfort proteins for easy digestion. Prebiotics for digestive health. DHA & ARA for brain & eye development. Complete nutrition to support healthy growth. Specially made with nutrients found in breastmilk. Great for: childcare, travel, nighttime feedings. Gentle: we take the extra step to break down proteins for baby; only Good Start formula begins with 100% whey proteins broken down to be easy to digest; they are called comfort proteins, designed to help avoid spit-up, fussiness and gas due to whole protein intolerance. 24/7 infant feeding experts. Why you will love gentle: nutriprotect - supports healthy growth, includes a blend of antioxidant vitamins C & E, zinc and vitamin A for natural immune system support; prebiotic fiber, similar to that found in breastmilk, for digestive health. Gerber recommends breastmilk as the best start for babies.

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