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Geratherm Thermometer Rectal Mercury Free - 1 ea

Geratherm mercury free rectal thermometer for temperature measurement
.Mercury Free.
.Traditional shake down glass analog thermometer.
.As accurate as mercury thermometers.
.Dual scale Fahrenheit and Celsius.
.Unique fluted design.
.Environmentally friendly.
.Easy to read.
.Fahrenheit or Celsius

1. Grasp top of thermometer and shake with a snapping motion of the wrist. Repeat until line is well below 35.5 degrees C (96 degrees F).
2. Apply a water-soluble lubricant to the tip before inserting 1 inch (2.5 cm). Temperature reading in a minimum of 3 minutes.
3. Disinfect with cotton ball or gauze square saturated with alcohol before and after use.